El Banquito

Close to El Banquito

Farallón Centinela. Sentry Cliff
Six miles from the coast, right north of El Banquito, is the Farallón Centinela. A white 500 square meters solitarie rock that emerges 30 meters above sea level of the shallow waters right in front of El Banquito. At night, its Lighthouse shows the passing ships the safe path near it. The area is dotted with underwater rocks, that isolate El Banquito Beach from outsiders that come by boat. Is recommended to sail at a certain distance from the coast to avoid close encounters with these rocks.

Cabo Codera & French Harbour
The city of Higuerote is an example of the lack of urban planning that followed the urban development in Venezuela from the 1960 on. Grandiose tourist developments share the space with old low brow houses that in time became shops. The city has a string of canals where Mansions, hotels and shanty houses share the beautiful surroundings.

Carenero Harbour, minutes away from Higuerote , is a major oil terminal that supplies the city of Caracas of gasoline, diesel and other strategic materials,. Both Higuerote and Carenero Harbour are washed by brownish waters due to the proximity of large rivers . Most to the people in these area are African descendants. They have a rich musical tradition which is part of the local attractions and are friendly to visitors.
One of the most known of these festivities is the Drum Parties which fill the air with irresistible african rythms that can put in motion even the hardest souls.

To the west, lays Cabo Codera after which is El Banquito. Cabo Codera works as a giant barrier that prevents the river water that colours Higuerote’s Harbour to go west which explains why the water from French Harbour west side of Cabo Codera on, is by contrast with Higuerote , transparent crispy blue .

Surfing at Chirere Beach
7 kilometers away from El Banquito lays one of Venezuela’s most popular surf spots: Chirere Beach. Here teens and old time surfers get together to ride the waves. The Venezuelan National Surf Contest has been held here in several ocassions, there is a small hotel managed by a Swiss couple with amazing precision. Except for the hotel there is no permanent construction in this area .